Avarice Defi at Its Purest

At its core, Avarice means greed. It is an incredibly lucrative staking DApp that is built on the shoulders of giants. Drawing inspiration from the highly successful T2X platform from the glory days of DeFi; Avarice brings the auction fun and FOMO to the Binance Smart Chain.

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About Avarice

Avarice is designed to provide maximum benefit to the stakers. Users will buy AVC tokens with BNB on our easy to use dApp. They can then stake their tokens to earn interest paid in AVC along with their share of the BNB dividends from the daily auction lobby. Users can make as many stakes they want for as long as they want up to a maximum of 300 days. The longer the stake, the more interest you earn, all while enjoying staking bonuses along the way. Simple.

  • Selling your unfinished stakes with your chosen price



Users: --
Entered BNB: --
Overall Staked Tokens: -- AVC
Overall Collected Divs: -- BNB

Our way

What makes Avarice successful?

Our daily dividend payout is split as seen, over a period of time.

For example, assuming day 3 ended with a 100 BNB entry, that BNB will be divided by 3 as it's day 3, and split out over 3 days in chunks of 33.3 BNB. Another example; day 10 ends with 100 BNB, and these BNB are split into chunks of 10 which are sent out over 10 days. As the days go on and the pools grow in size, these dividends will keep going and adding allowing for much stronger and stable payouts! This caps at day 60. This also ensures that our project can live a longer lifespan and adds to the game theory behind the staking of the tokens themselves.

Referral System

Avarice has a grate referral system that rewards both referer and the referred user. everyone wins when using a ref link! There's zero reason NOT to use one!


Avarice smart contract is verified and audited. Rest assured you can trust your funds are safe.

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Mobile Optimized

On the go? The Avarice platform is optimized for mobile use. supporting all of the platform features on your smart device.

Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 152,358

  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 2% Advisors
  • 25% Distribute to Community
  • 1% Bounty campaign


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